circuito de conexión a masa

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circuito de conexión a masa
frame grounding circuit
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Phonetic: "/fɹeɪm/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The structural elements of a building or other constructed object.

Example: Now that the frame is complete, we can start on the walls.

Definition: Anything composed of parts fitted and united together; a fabric; a structure.

Definition: The structure of a person's body; the human body.

Example: His starved flesh hung loosely on his once imposing frame.

Definition: A rigid, generally rectangular mounting for paper, canvas or other flexible material.

Example: The painting was housed in a beautifully carved frame.

Definition: A piece of photographic film containing an image.

Example: A film projector shows many frames in a single second.

Definition: A context for understanding or interpretation.

Example: In this frame, it's easy to ask the question that the investigators missed.

Definition: A complete game of snooker, from break-off until all the balls (or as many as necessary to win) have been potted.

Definition: An independent chunk of data sent over a network.

Definition: A set of balls whose results are added together for scoring purposes. Usually two balls, but only one ball in the case of a strike, and three balls in the case of a strike or a spare in the last frame of a game.

Definition: A movable structure used for the cultivation or the sheltering of plants.

Example: a forcing-frame; a cucumber frame

Definition: The outer decorated portion of a stamp's image, often repeated on several issues although the inner picture may change.

Definition: The outer circle of a cancellation mark.

Definition: A division of time on a multimedia timeline, such as 1/30th or 1/60th of a second.

Definition: An individually scrollable region of a webpage.

Definition: An inning.

Definition: Any of certain machines built upon or within framework.

Example: a stocking frame; a lace frame; a spinning frame

Definition: Frame of mind; disposition.

Example: to be always in a happy frame

Definition: Contrivance; the act of devising or scheming.

Definition: A stage or level of a video game.

Definition: ("reading frame") A way of dividing nucleotide sequences into a set of consecutive triplets.

Definition: A form of knowledge representation in artificial intelligence.

Definition: A complete lattice in which meets distribute over arbitrary joins.

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Phonetic: "/fɹeɪm/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To fit, as for a specific end or purpose; make suitable or comfortable; adapt; adjust.

Definition: To construct by fitting or uniting together various parts; fabricate by union of constituent parts.

Definition: To bring or put into form or order; adjust the parts or elements of; compose; contrive; plan; devise.

Definition: Of a constructed object such as a building, to put together the structural elements.

Example: Once we finish framing the house, we'll hang tin on the roof.

Definition: Of a picture such as a painting or photograph, to place inside a decorative border.

Definition: To position visually within a fixed boundary.

Example: The director frames the fishing scene very well.

Definition: To construct in words so as to establish a context for understanding or interpretation.

Example: How would you frame your accomplishments?

Definition: Conspire to incriminate falsely a presumably innocent person. See frameup.

Example: The gun had obviously been placed in her car in an effort to frame her.

Definition: To wash ore with the aid of a frame.

Definition: To move.

Definition: To proceed; to go.

Definition: To hit (the ball) with the frame of the racquet rather than the strings (normally a mishit).

Definition: To strengthen; refresh; support.

Definition: To execute; perform.

Example: All have sworn him an oath that they should frame his will on earth.

Definition: To cause; to bring about; to produce.

Definition: To profit; avail.

Definition: To fit; accord.

Definition: To succeed in doing or trying to do something; manage.

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Phonetic: "/ˈɡɹaʊndɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To connect (an electrical conductor or device) to a ground.

Definition: To punish, especially a child or teenager, by forcing him/her to stay at home and/or give up certain privileges.

Example: Eric, you are grounded until further notice for lying to us about where you were last night!

Definition: To forbid (an aircraft or pilot) to fly.

Example: Because of the bad weather, all flights were grounded.

Definition: To give a basic education in a particular subject; to instruct in elements or first principles.

Example: Jim was grounded in maths.

Definition: To hit a ground ball. Compare fly (verb(regular)) and line (verb).

Definition: To place something on the ground.

Definition: To run aground; to strike the bottom and remain fixed.

Example: The ship grounded on the bar.

Definition: To found; to fix or set, as on a foundation, reason, or principle; to furnish a ground for; to fix firmly.

Definition: To cover with a ground, as a copper plate for etching, or as paper or other materials with a uniform tint as a preparation for ornament.

Definition: To improve or focus the mental or emotional state of.

Example: I ground myself with meditation.

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Phonetic: "/ˈɡɹaʊndɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Fundamental knowledge or background in a field or discipline.

Definition: The return to a fully conscious state after a psychedelic experience.

Definition: The collision of a ship with ground beneath the surface of the water.

Definition: The prevention of aircraft takeoff because of government action.

Definition: The interconnecting metal chassis/frame of a device, appliance, machine, or metal raceway via a designated conductor to earth at the service panel. It may be bare or covered, and does not carry current in normal operation.

Definition: The absorption of energy through visualized "roots" descending from oneself into the ground, using chi.

Definition: The act by which a child is grounded (forbidden from going out, using electronics, etc.).

Definition: The background of embroidery, etc.

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Phonetic: "[ˈsəɾ.kɪʈ]"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The act of moving or revolving around, or as in a circle or orbit; a revolution

Definition: The circumference of, or distance around, any space; the measure of a line around an area.

Definition: That which encircles anything, as a ring or crown.

Definition: The space enclosed within a circle, or within limits.

Definition: Enclosed path of an electric current, usually designed for a certain function.

Definition: A regular or appointed trip from place to place as part of one's job

Definition: The jurisdiction of certain judges within a state or country, whether itinerant or not.

Definition: Various administrative divisions of imperial and early Republican China, including:

Definition: Methodism: The basic grouping of local Methodist churches.

Definition: By analogy to the proceeding three, a set of theaters among which the same acts circulate; especially common in the heyday of vaudeville.

Definition: A track on which a race in held; a racetrack

Definition: Circumlocution

Definition: A thought that unconsciously goes round and round in a person's mind and controls that person.

Definition: A closed path, without repeated vertices allowed

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Phonetic: "[ˈsəɾ.kɪʈ]"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To move in a circle; to go round; to circulate.

Definition: To travel around.

Example: Having circuited the air.

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Phonetic: "[ˈsəɾ.kɪʈ]"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A court that sits at more than one location in the district that it serves.

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