aynı hamurla yoğrulmuş olmak

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aynı hamurla yoğrulmuş olmak
be cast in the same mold
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Phonetic: "/kæst/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: An act of throwing.

Definition: An instance of throwing out a fishing line.

Definition: Something which has been thrown, dispersed etc.

Definition: A small mass of earth "thrown off" or excreted by a worm.

Example: The area near the stream was covered with little bubbly worm casts.

Definition: The collective group of actors performing a play or production together. Contrasted with crew.

Example: He’s in the cast of Oliver.

Definition: The casting procedure.

Example: The men got into position for the cast, two at the ladle, two with long rods, all with heavy clothing.

Definition: An object made in a mould.

Example: The cast would need a great deal of machining to become a recognizable finished part.

Definition: A supportive and immobilising device used to help mend broken bones.

Example: The doctor put a cast on the boy’s broken arm.

Definition: The mould used to make cast objects.

Example: A plaster cast was made from his face.

Definition: (hawking) The number of hawks (or occasionally other birds) cast off at one time; a pair.

Definition: A squint.

Definition: Visual appearance.

Example: Her features had a delicate cast to them.

Definition: The form of one's thoughts, mind etc.

Example: a cast of mind, a mental tendency.

Definition: An animal, especially a horse, that is unable to rise without assistance.

Definition: Animal and insect remains which have been regurgitated by a bird.

Definition: A group of crabs.

Definition: A broadcast.

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Phonetic: "/kæst/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: (physical) To move, or be moved, away.

Definition: To direct (one's eyes, gaze etc.).

Definition: To add up (a column of figures, accounts etc.); cross-cast refers to adding up a row of figures.

Definition: (social) To predict, to decide, to plan.

Definition: To perform, bring forth (a magical spell or enchantment).

Definition: To throw (light etc.) on or upon something, or in a given direction.

Definition: To give birth to (a child) prematurely; to miscarry.

Definition: To shape (molten metal etc.) by pouring into a mould; to make (an object) in such a way.

Definition: To twist or warp (of fabric, timber etc.).

Definition: To bring the bows of a sailing ship on to the required tack just as the anchor is weighed by use of the headsail; to bring (a ship) round.

Definition: To deposit (a ballot or voting paper); to formally register (one's vote).

Definition: To change a variable type from, for example, integer to real, or integer to text.

Example: Casting is generally an indication of bad design.

Definition: Of dogs, hunters: to spread out and search for a scent.

Definition: To set (a bone etc.) in a cast.

Definition: To open a circle in order to begin a spell or meeting of witches.

Definition: To broadcast.

Example: The streamer was the first to cast footage of the new game.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A position of power or influence, or a way to get it.

Example: His parents got him an in with the company.

Definition: (chiefly in the plural) One who, or that which, is in; especially, one who is in office.

Definition: The state of a batter/batsman who is currently batting; see innings.

Definition: A re-entrant angle; a nook or corner.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To enclose.

Definition: To take in; to harvest.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Located indoors, especially at home or at one's office or place of work.

Example: Is Mr. Smith in?

Definition: Located inside something.

Example: Little by little I pushed the snake into the basket, until finally all of it was in.

Definition: (of the ball or other playing implement) Falling or remaining within the bounds of the playing area.

Example: If the tennis ball bounces on the line then it's in.

Definition: Inserted or fitted into something.

Example: I've discovered why the TV wasn't working – the plug wasn't in!

Definition: Having been collected or received.

Example: The replies to the questionnaires are now all in.

Definition: In fashion; popular.

Example: Skirts are in this year.

Definition: Incoming.

Example: the in train

Definition: (of the sails of a vessel) Furled or stowed.

Definition: Of the tide, at or near its highest level.

Example: You can't get round the headland when the tide's in.

Definition: With privilege or possession; used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin.

Example: in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband

Definition: Currently batting.

Definition: Having familiarity or involvement with somebody.

Example: He is very in with the Joneses.

Definition: Having a favourable position, such as a position of influence or expected gain, in relation to another person.

Example: I think that bird fancies you. You're in there, mate!

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: At or towards the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room.

Example: He ran to the edge of the swimming pool and dived in.

Definition: Towards the speaker or other reference point.

Example: For six hours the tide flows in, then for another six hours it flows out.

Definition: So as to be enclosed or surrounded by something.

Example: Bring the water to the boil and drop the vegetables in.

Definition: Still eligible to play, e.g. able to bat in cricket and baseball.

Example: He went for the wild toss but wasn't able to stay in.

Definition: After the beginning of something.

Example: The show still didn't become interesting 20 minutes in.

Definition: (in combination, after a verb) Denotes a gathering of people assembled for the stated activity, sometimes, though not always, suggesting a protest.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: Used to indicate location, inclusion, or position within spatial, temporal or other limits.

Definition: Into.

Example: Less water gets in your boots this way.

Definition: Used to indicate limit, qualification, condition, or circumstance.

Example: In replacing the faucet washers, he felt he was making his contribution to the environment.

Definition: Used to indicate means, medium, format, genre, or instrumentality.

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Phonetic: "/ði/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: With a comparative or with more and a verb phrase, establishes a correlation with one or more other such comparatives.

Example: It looks weaker and weaker, the more I think about it.

Definition: With a comparative, and often with for it, indicates a result more like said comparative. This can be negated with none. See none the.

Example: I'm much the wiser for having had a difficult time like that.

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Phonetic: "/seɪm/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Not different or other; not another or others; not different as regards self; selfsame; identical.

Example: Are you the same person who phoned me yesterday?

Definition: Lacking variety from; indistinguishable.

Example: It took all night to find our hotel room, as we forgot our room number and each door looked the same.

Definition: Similar, alike.

Example: You have the same hair I do!

Definition: Used to express the unity of an object or person which has various different descriptions or qualities.

Example: Round here it can be cloudy and sunny even in the same day.

Definition: A reply of confirmation of identity.

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Phonetic: "/seɪm/"

Part Of Speech: pronoun

Definition: The identical thing, ditto.

Example: It's the same everywhere.

Definition: Something similar, something of the identical type.

Example: She's having apple pie? I'll have the same.   You two are just the same.

Definition: It or them, without a connotation of similarity.

Example: Light valve suspensions and films containing UV absorbers and light valves containing the same (US Patent 5,467,217)

Definition: (Indian English, common) It or them, as above, meaning the last object mentioned, mainly as complement: on the same, for the same.

Example: My picture/photography blog...kindly give me your reviews on the same.

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Phonetic: "/seɪm/"

Part Of Speech: interjection

Definition: Indicates the speaker's strong approval or agreement with the previous material.

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Phonetic: "/mɔʊld/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance.

Definition: A frame or model around or on which something is formed or shaped.

Definition: Something that is made in or shaped on a mold.

Definition: The shape or pattern of a mold.

Definition: General shape or form.

Example: the oval mold of her face

Definition: Distinctive character or type.

Example: a leader in the mold of her predecessors

Definition: A fixed or restrictive pattern or form.

Example: His method of scientific investigation broke the mold and led to a new discovery.

Definition: A group of moldings.

Example: the arch mold of a porch or doorway;  the pier mold of a Gothic pier, meaning the whole profile, section, or combination of parts

Definition: A fontanelle.

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Phonetic: "/mɔʊld/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To shape in or on a mold; to form into a particular shape; to give shape to.

Definition: To guide or determine the growth or development of; influence

Definition: To fit closely by following the contours of.

Definition: To make a mold of or from (molten metal, for example) before casting.

Definition: To ornament with moldings.

Definition: To be shaped in or as if in a mold.

Example: These shoes gradually molded to my feet.

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